2016 Contest

The second Mr Puppy UK was elected in Birmingham on 24 September 2016 at the Mr Puppy UK 2017 Contest held at Pup Social.

Our second contest was even bigger than our first! We expanded the contest format this year, including a special event and prize for Pup Handlers, and focused the contest a lot more on public displays of puppiness and the interview segment with our judges.

Also, we featured a judging panel representing different regions across the UK as well as different fetishes, to help make the contest more national and broad-based. Thanks to all the pups who got involved so enthusiastically!

Hosted by Sister Jacqui Moff of the Helping Hand, from the Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Mr Puppy UK 2017 Contest was judged by a panel of five distinguished judges:

  • Joe King, Mr Leather UK 2016
  • David Brown, Mr LeatherWest 2016
  • Rob, Mr Hoist Rubber 2016
  • Zentai Spot, Mr Puppy UK 2015/2016
  • Danny, The Kinksters
  • The panel was led by Brock, as Head Judge and Tally Master.

The contestants who joined our second contest spent an entire day showing us what they had, and we were very impressed! From a dog agility run with actual jumps to a series of performances ranging from juggling to bondage, all seven of you made us proud.

Seven contestants presented themselves for consideration, and after an exciting day, the judges were pleased to announce the following results:

  • Pup Piglet – Top Prize and Title Award
  • ElectroPup – Second Prize and Runner-Up
  • Pup Dash – Puppy Congeniality
  • ExcellentDan – Dog Catcher

The Pack of pups that competed in 2016:

  • Dash – Representing Manchester
  • Nox Arcanine – Representing Newcastle
  • Piglet – Representing Portsmouth
  • Electro – Representing Manchester
  • Scamp – Representing Croydon
  • Wolfy – Representing the Host City Birmingham

Official contestant portraits provided by PupOnHisKnees.