Scruff – Ms. Puppy UK ’23

About Scruff...

Scruff (she/her) is originally from Berkshire, UK.
They identify as cis female and is abrosexual.

So what does a title holders do? And what does the title allow a person to do?

With the title you get to travel the UK, you get to go to different countries, to meet different people, who help you in spreading your community project, which you design yourself. 

So for me, that was BarkAgainst! With the title I’ve been able to go to prides,  I’ve been able to go on podcasts and been able to talk at events to spread awareness for BarkAgainst and inclusion within the community spaces of petplay and kink. I’ve even been able to talk to people in the Leather and to the Bear community as well. As well as people in the community I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to fell confident enough to talk to; which the title has really helped with.

Another thing the title does is it gives you a community of people who have gone through the same experiences; which is the Puppy and Handler UK team. They’re really supportive in helping you build confidence and provide opportunity to helo you with your projects. I know I couldn’t do it without my double trouble twin, Tony!