Contest 2023

This year, the title contest return to the Birmingham, UK on the 10-12th November. 

This year we will be electing our 2nd Handler UK and 7th Puppy UK. 

We welcome all over the age of 18 to take part or join us for the Puppy and Handler 2023 election

Make sure you buy your ticket to ensure entry into the events. In additioin to getting your tickets you can let us and others know you are going by clicking attending/maybe attending on:

Live Stream with Contestants

Welcome to our online platform available on Twitch and YouTube, where we delve into the captivating world of the Puppy and Handler UK 2023 contestants! We were able you an exclusive opportunity to engage with the remarkable contestants in an in-depth conversation, shedding light on their unique journeys, experiences, and what it means to be a part of this distinctive event. From their unwavering commitment to the community to the obstacles they’ve overcome, prepare to be inspired. Before you join we recommend watching their videos and learning more about them below.

They have been placed in two groups:

  • Part 1 – Dreikick, Mairnan, Mars, Miss Vader
  • Part 2 – Koi, Slush, Valto, XTRA 
  • Hosted by Puppai Buumi

You can find links to watch the live stream back below


Puppy UK 2024 Applicants

These are your puppies for the 2023 contest: Dreikick, Koi, Slush, Valto and XTRA.
Learn more about them here.

Puppy Contestant


Puppy Contestant


Puppy Contestant


Puppy Contestant


Puppy Contestant


Handler UK 2024 Applicants

These are you are handlers for the 2023 contest: Mairnan, Mars and Miss Vader.
Learn more about them here

Handler Contestant


Handler Contestant


Handler Contestant

Miss Vader


These are you are judges for the 2023 contest: Ritchi, Stupsi, Scruff, Tony, Mal, Tom
Learn more about them here


Ricthi - International Puppy '23


Tony - Handler UK '23


Stupsi - European Handler '23


Malakai - European Bootblack '23


Scruff - Ms. Puppy UK '23


Tom - Mr Leather Europe '24


Amiel Nitrate
The Drag Demon has risen from Hell and taken up residence in a place far worse: Manchester. She's got all 7 sins to tempt you with, so relax, lay back and take a hit of your problematic fav.
Letitia Delish
Grab a bite of London's Tastiest Tart. International fetish fiend, Letitia Delish is infamous for her acerbic wit, luscious latex outfits and singing showtunes whilst fisting her friends... no one is safe!