The Contest

Puppy and Handler UK contest held is towards the end of each calendar year to elect the Title Holder for the forthcoming year – so the 2023 UK Title Holders will be elected in 2024.

Read through how the contest has evolved and what goes on during the days events on each page:

Title Holders

Any pup who competes in the contest becomes part of the class for that year.

To emphasise community and family we consider all contestants, regardless of contest placement or prize distribution, to be a part of the class for that year. We consider you as family to the Title Holder!

Every contestant who steps forward to join each contest is special.

Why do we say that? Because it takes courage, and commitment, and a genuine desire to offer something to the community to step forward and offer yourself for a contest such as ours.

Everyone who joins the contest each year becomes part of something greater.

You’re part of a large and growing community of pups and handlers who believe in being pup with a sense of joy and fun, and in encouraging and inspiring others.