Tony – Handler UK ’23

About Tony...

Tony (they/them) is originally from Pisa, Italy, they moved to the UK in 2015.
They identify as non-binary trans and aroace.
Tony is autistic and a ‘Mental Health First Aider’ advocating to erase stigma around mental health.
Kink was part of their life since 2011 but they found their true passion in Pet play in 2022 Tony is also a Pet player as Fenris the Wolf/Pup.

What is the title for you?

The title for me is a great honor an opportunity with the responsibility and dedication that goes in the role of a Community Ambassador and representative.
It’s the connection with other title holders and kinksters from all over the world.
It’s being part of a wonderful my family.
To be Handler UK to me means giving visibility to a role that is too often overlooked and dismissed as not important and hopefully inspire others to become Handlers too.

Why did you go for the title?

Inclusion and diversity are one of my focus, I wanted to show how different a handler can be, fighting against stereotypes we see especially in pet play.

What you been able to do?

I have been travelling in the UK and Europe as title holder to connect with the local pup/pet play, handlers and kink communities like leather, rubber, bootblack and and marching with them at different Pride parades.
I co-hosted live streams with different topics and guests for: Trans Day of Visibility, Mental health.
I joined as a guest in the live stream on inclusion and diversity at kink events in Italian organized by Mr. Rubber Italia Mirco.
In the background I try to offer emotional support, my kindness to make people feel welcome in the community, at events.